Mike Russell is a software engineer from Spokane, Washington.

By day, I code. Since 2009, I've been creating software solutions to technical and business problems. I'm thrilled to be referenced as a key contributor to the following patents: US Pat 20160225165A1, WO2020247123A1, EP3491380B1. I've also created a couple .NET APIs to facilitate communication with the BCS and BrewTroller brewing process controllers.

Since early 2010, I've been experimenting with home brewing. Very quickly, I realized that this hobby would become extremely involved. I went from brewing on the stove top to propane burners outdoors to retrofitting kegs and eventually built a semi-automated electric brewery. Check out my current recipe database here.

With the help of a good friend, I started learning how to weld in 2014. A simple go-kart project has taken my skills from sub-par to barely adequate and I'm now quite confident in my work. Merging my long time fascination of wood work with metal, I started making custom furniture pieces with a unique industrial style. You can see examples here.

To request a quote or otherwise contact me, use the contact form found here.